Yu-Gi-Oh! 2022 Tin of the Pharaoh’s Gods

The Yu-Gi-Oh! 2022 Tin of the the Pharaoh’s Gods is the final piece of the mysterious Pharaonic tablet. The 3 piece set includes the 2020 of Lost Memories, 2021 Tin of Ancient Battles, and the 2022 Tin of the Pharaoh’s Gods! The tin includes 3 extra large mega-packs with each pack including 1 prismatic secret


Back in the late 2000s I owned voice and video chat software called AVpod from the developer Fpath. The client was very similar to Mplayer and GameSpy Arcade. AVpod ran from 2006 until 2010. The client had several games that you could play in the client. Some of these games were multi-player. Each game room

Remembering Mplayer.com

From time to time I will randomly think about the days of Mplayer. Mplayer was an interactive voice and video chat client with loads of gaming. The platform was very popular at the end of the 90s and early 2000s. Yes, I was on Mplayer just about every day during my highschool years. The chat

Morphie not Morphe

If you haven’t guessed it by now, this is not a makeup website. After checking the catch-all email folder for Morphie.com I realized that hundreds of people every day make the mistake of thinking Morphe (the makeup and brush company) is spelled as Morphie. I mean, I don’t blame them and it’s great for this

Big changes are coming!

Hold on to your hats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Over the course of the next few weeks the Morphie website will undergo a major remodel.