A turn based 1 or 2 player chat room battle RPG with moves like jabs, kicks and uppercuts.

Tap or click here to play in full-screen mode.

To begin, type /msg BattleBot hello. You only need to do this one time.

Basic CommandsDescription
!fhelpBattleBot will private message you. Categories: basic, fight, action.
!fstat playernameView your own or someone else’s fighting stats.
!fautoView or set your auto fighting style. Options: agro, mello, psycho, safe, none.
!fight playernameChallenge a player to a fight. They must accept by typing !fight.
!fight bossFight a random boss.
!fhisView the high scores.
*Commands must be typed in the main channel even if the BattleBot private messages you.
Fight CommandsDescription
!fj | !jab20% damage, 85% success, 33% lucky damage.
!fp | !punch40% damage, 70% success, 20% lucky damage.
!fk | !kick60% damage, 55% success, 15% lucky damage.
!fu | !uppercut90% damage, 40% success, 10% lucky damage.
!fg | !guard75% damage, 99% success, 33% lucky damage.
!fd | !dodge99% damage, 75% success, 50% lucky damage.
!fs | !suicideKamakazi attack; Kills yourself, lucky damage is 66% if successful. 66% success.
*You can’t be lucky if you aren’t successful.

Hints & Info

When you challenge a player to a fight using the !fight command the opponent must accept the challenge by typing !fight in the same channel within the time limit.

If the player is a known auto-fighter and not in the channel, an auto-fight will immediately start.

If the player is not a boss, then the winner gets 10% of loser’s starting health.

There is no penalty for losing against anyone other than the boss.

The boss’s health is randomly between 100-125% of yours. The prize/penalty for winning/losing is +/- the boss’s advantage.

Chat-based battle RPGs

Do you love battle RPGs, but can’t always find people to play with? Well, never fear! Chat room battle RPGs are here to save the day!

What are chat room battle RPGs? They’re exactly what they sound like – battle RPGs that you play in a chat room. No need to gather up a group of friends or even leave your house – all you need is an internet connection and a keyboard. And since chat rooms are usually international, you can even find players from all over the world to battle with (or against!).

So if you’re looking for some fast-paced, tactical RPG action, be sure to check out chat room battle RPGs – you won’t be disappointed!

Need help? Type /join #Help at any time.