The most popular chat-based trivia game of all time!

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.startManually start the game.
.stopManually stop the game.
~Show a hint.
qRepeat the question.
.stats playernameShow the current game stats of a player.
.infoShow game information.
.mystats | .meShow your current game stats.
.commandsList of available commands.
.rulesShow game rules.
.timeShow the current game/server time.
.topday | .todaySee the top 10 players for today.
.topday20See the top 11-20 players for today
.topweekSee the top 10 players for this week.
.topweek20See the top 11-20 players for this week.
.topmonthSee the top 10 players for this month.
.topmonth20See the top 11-20 players for this month.
.topeverSee the top 10 players ever.
.topever20See the top 11-20 players ever.

Types of chat-based trivia games

Assuming you’re looking for trivia games that are played in chat rooms, there are a few different types that come to mind. There’s the classic trivia style game where players answer questions from a host, and whoever gets the most questions right wins. This type of game is often played in real-time, with everyone typing in their answers at the same time.

Then there are trivia games where players compete to answer questions the fastest. These tend to be more fast-paced and competitive, and often have leaderboards to track everyone’s progress.

Finally, there are trivia games that are more like conversations. In these games, players chat with each other and ask each other trivia questions. The person who asks the most questions, or gets the most questions right, wins the game.

All of these chat-based trivia games can be a lot of fun, and a great way to learn new things. So why not give them a try? You might just find your new favorite pastime.

Top trivia players receive special status in the chat room. Scores reset daily, weekly and monthly.

Need help? Type /join #Help at any time.