By connecting to a chat room you agree that you are at least 17 years of age and agree to the terms in the EULA.

Welcome to the Morphie IRC Network.

Before you connect you can select a nickname or remain a guest. Once connected if you would like to register your nickname simply type /nickserv register yourpassword youremail. Each time you visit a chat room you will need to enter your registered nickname and password you chose before you connect.

You can join another chat room without leaving this page. Simply type /join #desiredchatroom. For assistance type /join #help.

Enjoy and happy chatting! -Morphie Staff

The Morphie Network was founded in 2020 by Dustin Tindell. The company originally started in 1998 as IRCTrivia in the form of an IRC Trivia game on the P2PChat Network. Due to his love of IRC, trivia and retro gaming the company evolved and now has its own IRC Network and several domains. The Morphie Network offers chat rooms for free to websites and currently has chat rooms on retro gaming websites.

The Morphie Network launched the Morphie - Chat Rooms app available on the App Store and Google Play in the summer of 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. The app was created as a way for people to connect through old school chat rooms via any device.


The Morphie Network has acquired several domains including, and


The Morphie IRC Network is available via IRC connection at port 6667.