Marky’s Color Uno is a simple chat based Uno game where the robot player can actually win games.

!unocmdsShows a list of available commands.
!remove playernameRemove a player or yourself from the current game.
!unowon playernameShow score for a player.
!unotop10Show the top 10 scores.
!unotop10 21Show the top 10 blackjack players.
!unotop3lastShow last months top 3 players.
!unofastShow the monthly fastest game record.
!unohighShow the monthly high score record.
!unostatsShow this months records.
!unorecordsShow the all-time records.
!unoStart an Uno game.
!stopStop an Uno game.
*Removing someone other than yourself is limited to channel @operators.
Commands During PlayDescription
joJoin an Uno game.
odShow current player order.
tiShow current game running time.
caRe-display and sort cards in hand.
plPlay a card.
cdShow current top card.
tuShow whose turn it is.
drDraw a card.
coChange color.
paPass to next player.
cdShow how many cards each player has left.
stCard stats.
ExampleCard Play
pl b4To play a blue 4 card.
pl rsTo play a red skip card.
pl ydTo play a yellow draw two card.
pl wdTo play a wild draw four card.

Need help? Type /join #Help at any time.