Network upgrades are complete

Good news today as we have finished the upgrades on our IRC server and services. We have upgraded our network to run on the latest version of unrealircd and our services are updated to the latest version of Anope. With these upgrades we have also decided to drop from 2 servers to 1. The original reason for having 2 servers was because of stability issues with our older version of unreal. We have also done some major back-end upgrading that will allow for minimal downtime. In the future, if stability becomes an issue we will certainly consider adding another server.

We recommend connecting to our network using SSL via port 6697. All chat rooms on our site will connect to the network in this way via The Lounge software.

Be on the lookout for future updates to our website and network including more games and more chat rooms hosted by Morphie. Remember you can also create your own chat rooms once connected to the network by typing /join #YOURNEWCHATROOMNAME. We will also soon have an option on our website to allow you to create your own chat room before even connecting to the network.

If you have questions or need help please visit #Help for assistance!


Network Administrator for Morphie IRC

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